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Alter Ego

When you know he‘s falling for Her..


I wish I could be just like her

She’s so seductive and free

I can see he appreciates her more than me

I’ve never been the one to share

Yet he’s much happier whenever she’s there

Her mystique and her moves are unlike any I’ve seen

I’m jealous

Capturing his attention time after time

Just as much hers as he is mine

With me, his sweet kisses land right above my forehead

With her, he kisses the sweetness in between her legs

My 3 piece suits don’t compare to the kinds of clothes she wears

My short cut goes unnoticed when next to her long hair

She is fearless indeed

Feeding his hunger; matching his greed

She’s vibrant, demanding, commanding of his space

I wouldn’t be surprised if with her I was replaced

She’s drama free; takes no bullshit to say the least

See me, I am a lamb. But her, she is a beast

Her image changes nightly, I never see her during the day

Starting to think he prefers it that way

I allow my man to love her and for her to love him back

Her love of him is just as real as my own

She even shares my same skin tone

In fact our resemblance is damn near alike

Her face in the dark; my face in the light

We are one in the same (I mean you had to know)

He’s creeping on me with my alter ego ...


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