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Nothing to say

When Drake made the song “Say Something”, I often wondered what he wanted her to say. I got tired of wondering …. Read the latest poem, “Nothing To Say”

“This shit was all I knew, You and me, only. I did it all for you. Still, you were lonely. We can work it out. But I guess things change. It’s funny how someone else’s success brings pain. When you’re no longer involved, that person has it all and you just stuck standin’ there, but I’m gonna need you to say something, baby. Say say something, baby, say something, baby, say something, baby…” – Drake

You asked me to say something, but yet you didn’t listen Same shit as yesterday, ‘cept now your neck and wrist glisten Said you did it all for me, find that hard to believe You followed your own mind, and that’s what caused me to leave The groupies, the parties, the road to success Took away your freedom and compromised my happiness Brought loneliness and sadness, and I needed neither No love in the business, but no love for me either Everyday I got weaker; soul burning like ether Cause the fame has your heart now and I’ve fallin right beneath her Gotta hit you on Facebook just to tell you I love you And even then I‘m drowned out by your 50 million fans Contacting your manager just to make dinner plans You wanna talk about change? It was the change that changed us The coins became your confidant and made you harder to trust Longing for platinum, while all I longed for was you Maybe we coulda worked it out or talked things through But I was talking to an empty house, from an empty heart at that Now u tell me what I should say when u ain’t there to answer back…


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