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Was I Dreaming?

It began as a drink and a smile, but quickly became something more And you You just became the man I adore Like a flashing light you appeared to me But in the blink of an eye you were gone Now I’m wondering “did I really meet you, Or was I just sleeping way too  long?” I mean you felt real (literally speaking) You bonded with my brain as if you knew what I was thinking My curves fit into your ams naturally And somehow laying next to me was where you were meant to be Pinching myself to realize that I’m awake,  yet you seem so unreal Certainly meeting you was not a part of the deal Still can’t figure out that spell you cast or why you had to leave so fast But whatever the magic, I hope that  it lasts I need you to be my present, not just a piece of my past

The essence of your scent still lingers across my pillowcase Only wishing I could turnover and not long for your embrace But actually being able to glide my hand across your face And tell you this bed is yours and not just my space. You got me, but how you’ll keep me is unknown Cause where I reside is not the place that you call home. So loneliness sets in Leading me to believe I was dreaming again Way too good to be true Now where will I find another like you Eyes are gradually closing Breathing begins to slow Off to slumberland my mind begins to go Yet a ringing awakens me, and I answer that call The sweetest voice reminds me, I WASN’T dreaming after all…


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