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Gone Girl

So sick of being an ideal girl,

fucking with cowards  in this unreal world

Too often manipulated by the shit men say

Too many times caught up in the games men play

It seems real niggas only exists in the street life

And a chick like me ain’t work this hard to be no street wife

So I just sit back and watch “the good girl” fade

While the chicks with no class and the fat ass has it made

Everyday a new struggle to prove all females aint hoes

And not all chicks got the smell of money up they nose

That some of us actually know how carry a conversation

That doesn’t start with “how much” or ends with penetration

A lot of us are willing to play our positions if niggas kept it real about their true intentions.

But looking for a real man is like looking for powder in the snow,

you just wont find it

Instead the objective is for dudes to keep you blinded

Oh, but mine eyes have seen the truth,

and for the ideal girl,

it’s just no use

No point in being the down to earth chick

The one his mama loves, that he can Netflix and chill with

Cuz after 2 weeks he gone flip like a light switch

Double tapping other pic and his woman’s crush is a new bitch

No point in thinking you u special, trust me it goes away

Cuz after a while you’ll become “the one he MAY call today”

Society is allowing bitchassness to spread

So I guess I’m the lone Queen in this King size bed

But as long as real men play outta mind, outta sight

I think imma just let the ideal girl die tonite…


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