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Game Over (part 1)

Courtney has a secret, but she isn't the only one. When a game of lies are revealed among these friends, things will never be the same for any of them...

It was becoming unbearable. She kept telling herself to keep quiet, but the way this man was indulging in her inner essence made it difficult to keep calm. Faster and faster her body begin to tremble. Weaker and weaker her legs begin to drop. Louder and louder her moans began to echo against the high ceilings in the small room. Courtney could no longer hold on, releasing herself while Liam continued to pleasure her with the tip of his tongue. Grabbing the back of this head and calling for God’s assistance, she exploded. Liam tried to place his fingers over her lips to keep her quiet, but it was of no use, and he didn’t want to waste a drop of her wetness. This was typical of them: meeting in secret and pretending not to notice each other when in all actuality they craved nothing more than the very being of each other. But, this had become their norm. Since high school, Liam and Courtney had been playing this song and dance. And 10 years later, they still couldn’t get enough of each other.

“You’re amazing,” Courtney said to Liam with her arms around his neck.

“And so are you,” Liam responded, “The most amazing woman I know. But you’re going to wake up the kid being so loud”

Courtney giggled. She knew she couldn’t resist the urge to scream whenever Liam needed a taste of her. And after all this time, he was still the best at it. She wanted more, but understood that there was only time for so much before the kid would be getting up. It was nearly 9 am and it was a surprise that Liam Jr. hadn’t awoken already. Courtney adjusted her skirt and her blouse and headed down to the kitchen to make a bowl of cereal for the five year old that was sure to be up in a matter of minutes. Meanwhile, Liam had already made his way to the bathroom to hop in the shower.

Courtney was a beast in the kitchen and decided it was the perfect morning to make a full blown breakfast before heading out to work. She made two plates with turkey bacon, scrambled eggs with cheese, grits with butter and salt, toast, and a few pieces of link sausages with grapes for the garnish. She sat out the bowl of cereal for LJ, placed two glasses of orange juice, and two placemats on the table. Before she could finish setting the table, she heard the side door open.

“Hey Gina,” Courtney said with a smile.

“Hey girl!” Gina replied sitting her suitcase next to the door.

“You're just in time! I just made breakfast”

“Aww, thanks girl. You’re the best.”

“No problem," Courtney uttered, "anything for my best friend.”

At that moment, Liam walked into the kitchen, holding LJ in his arms. “There’s my beautiful wife,” he stated, walking right between Gina and Courtney and with a grin on his face, he kissed Gina passionately on the lips. “Welcome home.”

“Thanks baby,” Gina responded reaching for LJ. She hadn’t seen her little man since Friday when she left for her business trip to Tennessee and she missed him. As Executive Director for a notable advertising agency, Gina was always on the go. But here lately, she seemed to be in and out of town more frequently. She hated babysitters and nannies, electing to often ask Courtney to watch LJ instead.

Courtney and Gina had been best friends since undergrad and Courtney was also LJ’s godmother, so it was never a problem for her to keep the baby while Gina was away. She usually went to Gina’s house to keep her godson, as it was much bigger than the 2-bedroom hellhole she lived in on the north side of town. Gina’s salary allowed her to live very well off and because of that, she could provide LJ with what looked to be an indoor playground. It just seemed to make more sense to go to Gina’s whenever she agreed to babysit. But most importantly, being there gave her easier access to Liam.

Liam was in the road construction business, often hired by state and local government for work on the local highways. Usually his shifts were overnight, which is why Gina would need a babysitter to begin with whenever she had to travel, but somehow, someway he always managed to get off early whenever Courtney was slated to stay over.

“I’m actually quite surprised to see you,” Gina said, “I thought you would still be working.”

“Got off early,” Liam answered, “Was going to pick you up from the airport so you didn’t have to Uber, but apparently I got the times mixed up.”

“Aw how sweet of you,” Gina replied reaching up to give Liam another kiss. She was much shorter than his 6”3 frame. Even in her heels, her 5”3 stature still didn’t measure up and she found herself on her tippy toes when trying to embrace her husband.

Gina was totally in love with Liam and had been since freshman year when they met on the yard near the Greek plots. She was watching him stroll with his fraternity brothers as he had just crossed what the Greeks called “the burning sands.” She had never seen a man so fine. Being from a small town where everyone knew everyone, college was really Gina’s first time away from home and the sight of Liam memorized her. Caramel brown skin. Low Caesar cut. He had natural sandy brown hair that shone golden in the sunlight and he had the prettiest smile that could brighten up the room whenever he opened his mouth. He was articulate, he was a gentleman, and he was sexy as sin.

Gina couldn’t wait to tell her sophomore roommate about the handsome frat boy who caught her eye. But what Gina didn’t know was that her roommate's eyes were on that same frat boy, and had been for the previous three years. The two were from the area and ironically attended the same high school. “I’ve known Liam for a long time. He’s like a brother to me,” Courtney told Gina that day, “I can hook you up if you really want to get to know him.”

“Are you serious?” Gina questioned, “ I mean I know how upperclassmen are, but I ain’t trying to look desperate.”

“Not at all," Courtney laughed. "Listen, I’m headed to the café and I’ll pass the plots on the way there. I’ll be sure to let him know you really like him.”

“Thanks… uh… what you’d say your name was again?”


“Ah yea… that’s easy. Thanks Courtney. That’s dope of you,” Gina said bashfully.

“No problem,” Courtney replied before grabbing her bookbag and heading to the cafeteria.

Who would have thought 7 years later Liam would be her husband and they would share a son together. Gina always thanked Courtney. She was Gina’s biggest supporter so Gina thought. Courtney was Maid of Honor in her wedding, planned her baby shower before the arrival of LJ, acted as her shoulder to cry on and was her celebratory partner for all things good in her life. But Courtney couldn’t stand Gina.

She hated the life Gina led. She hated the marriage between her and Liam. She hated to keep pretending to be her bestie when she wanted nothing more than to see her disappear. Courtney smirked watching them kiss knowing the lips that Gina were kissing were in between her thighs not two hours ago. Courtney grinned at the thought of Gina lying in the bed that she and Liam shared, saturated in her juices that Liam helped to create.

Growing irritated at this display of affection, Courtney cleared her throat to get their attention. “Alright guys, if ya’ll done being gross, I gotta get out of here and head to the office before my boss starts looking for me.”

“Aww thanks again for everything Court,” Gina said hugging her.

“Yea Courtney thanks a lot. You really know how to come through in a clutch,” Liam added.

“No problem guys. Anything for Liam… the little one,” Courtney clarified.

“Well hey, at least let me walk you to your car,” Liam offered.

“Oh nawl it’s not necessary"

“Nonsense, give me your laptop bag. You have no idea how I- no WE appreciate you. The least I can do is walk you to your car,”

Liam looked at Courtney, hoping she would take the bait, and she did. Courtney waved goodbye to LJ, hugged Gina for the final time, and headed towards the car. As they walked down the driveway towards Courtney’s car, Liam smacked her on the behind. He opened the car door for her and assisted he getting into her vehicle. Courtney opened her legs as wide as she could, purposely flashing her laced underwear as she slid in the drivers seat.

“Damn I want you so fucking bad,” Liam whispered.

“Then come get some,” Courtney teased.

Liam licked his lips; “You just keep it warm for me. We’ll make it happen.” He reached inside the car to grab her breast and quickly kissed her cheek. He backed up away from the car as Courtney started it up to back up. He stood there in the driveway thinking about what he needed to do to get away from the house so he could see Courtney later.

He turned around and began to walk back towards the house. He most definitely wanted to eat the breakfast that Courtney made, but wasn’t sure how much time he had before he needed to run some errands. He pulled his phone out of his pocket to check the time only to notice that the dial screen was active. He stopped in the middle of the driveway when he saw Gina standing in the door annoyed with her cell phone in her hand and a knife in the other. It was then he realized – HE HAD BUTT DIALED GINA!

For a moment, he paused. He wasn't sure what to expect or how much was heard, but decided he needed  to fess up and get this over. Slowly Liam walked towards the door, "I can explain."

"No need to explain. Just stop leaving things out where LJ could get them. I turned my back for one second to answer my phone and LJ was nearly about to cut himself reaching for this knife that I know you left out on the counter. "

Liam sighed. He just knew that Gina had over heard his conversation with Courtney and was about ready to kill him at that door. The closer he got to Gina, he noticed that it was her work phone in her hand. He had dialed her work phone by mistake and had he realized that a few moments ago, he may not have been so nervous. Gina didn't usually keep her work phone at her side, so Liam was virtually safe from being caught up.  "I'm not even sure I left the knife out, but either way, I apologize and won't let it happen again," Liam apologetically expressed to Gina.  He took the knife out of her hand and bent over to kiss her while closing the door behind him.

Gina dropped her phone on the floor and completely wrapped her arms around Liam. He turned Gina 180 degrees so that her body was pressed firmly between him and the door. As they kissed, Liam aggressively rubbed his hands across Gina's breast and waist. He savagely ripped her shirt open, tearing the buttons from her blouse. He lifted her skirt and and wrapped her legs around him. Positioning himself just so, he entered Gina at full attention, causing her to gasp loudly. Hard and steady, Liam penetrated her. Closing his eyes, he felt the warmth of her insides. He stroked faster and faster and inadvertently began to cause discomfort to Gina. Liam felt Gina's wetness, but he saw Courtney's face. He continued his rough lovemaking until Gina's moans turned to sobs. Only then did he open his eyes to see the tears forming in Gina's.

"Oh shit. Baby.  I'm so sorry. I don't know what came over me," Liam said frantically.

Gina couldn't speak. She looked at Liam, unable to stop a couple tears from falling. She picked her phone up off the floor and headed upstairs. She was thrown off by how aggressive he was with her and replayed it over and over in her mind. She was hurt, not just emotionally but physically hurt. He was stroking her so hard that  her vagina was sore and uncomfortable. He'd never been that rough with her in all the years they had been together and she couldn't fathom what would make him all the sudden use such force. It was like his mind was  on something else - or someone else.

Maybe that was it. Gina didn't want to think her husband was screwing someone else, but she could tell when something was off, and somethings had been off for a while even if she never spoke on them aloud. She also knew her travel schedule left plenty of time for Liam for find comfort in other places.  And while she shouldn't have instantly went right to infidelity, Gina sighed. She knew the truth. His mind was on her, whoever she is, just now.  Wow Liam... Really? Gina said to herself, shaking her head in disbelief. She sat on the corner of the bed and figured if that was the game Liam wanted to play, it was on.


"Alright, I'm gone. Be back in a little bit," Gina announced before heading out the door. Usually every time either of them left the house they would kiss each other goodbye, but that hadn't happened in weeks.

Liam still couldn't get over slipping up the way he did.  He'd apologized countless times to Gina, and while she'd accepted his apology,  she was still not intimate with him at all.  At  best, he could get a kiss good morning and a kiss good night, but there were no hugs, no holding of hands, no spooning while they slept, and most certainly no sex. However, as bad as he felt about what happened, he still craved for Courtney. She was like the air he breathed and there was just no being without her, even though he knew if Gina had ever found out, it would break her. He often said to himself that as LJ got older, he  would have to cut ties with Courtney. He didn't want to run the risk of being caught by his son. But, as good as it sounded, he wasn't sure he actually could. Courtney had been there since high school. She was the sure thing, and she knew him better than anyone. Letting her go was much easier said than done. But regardless of that, he was still married to Gina and needed to find way to make it up to her and get back in Gina's good graces.

Gina loved steak. She was connoisseur in fact. She could break down a cut of meat better than any five star Michelin chef. So Liam figured dinner at Ruth's Chris would be a great start to loosening her up. As he called the closest location to make a reservation, he received a text from Courtney. It was a picture of her in a red thong, no top with the caption:  I've got this itch that needs to be scratched. Liam almost lost control and barely made it through the restaurant reservation. His hard on was instant and he wanted a piece of what was in that thong.

When should I come scratch that for your? Liam texted back. He was hoping she would say right now. He had some time before it was time to pick up LJ and he hadn't seen Courtney in two weeks which was odd. He was used to speaking with her at least every other day, but he chalked it up to her being busy. He also figured she had heard about he and Gina's incident, as they were best friends, and just wanted to keep her distance for a while. Either way, he was horny and he was vulnerable. He was trying to do right by Gina, but he still needed his fix of Courtney.

She texted back: Meet me at Juan's. Table 55. I'll be wearing a black sunhat and glasses. Liam was ecstatic. He couldn't move fast enough. He was so ready to get to Courtney, he didn't event text back. He ran upstairs to grab a few condoms out his secret stash that he had hidden, grabbed his keys and headed right out the door.

Nearing Juan's he texted Courtney: 10 mins out. He was curious as to why she would choose Juan's as the meeting place. They usually didn't connect in places so public and Juan's was one of the most popular bar and grills in town. Liam figured it would be pretty slow considering it was early afternoon and Juan's didn't usually get packed until dinner services. Either way, he just wanted to be in the presence of Courtney. There was a hold she had over him that he couldn't shake and having not been around her for 2 weeks was eating him alive.

When he arrived, he didn't see Courtney's car in the parking lot. She wasn't the type to Uber, so he assumed she running a bit late; however, when he walked in, he saw her sitting in the back at Table 55.

"Welcome to Juan's. Can I help you get seated?" the hostess asked.

"Thanks, but I actually see my friend sitting there," Liam answered.

The hostess nodded, allowing Liam to walk to the back of the restaurant. As he approached the table, his dick instantly started to rise. He could smell her perfume from a few tables away and damn near wanted to take her in the bathroom to give her what he knew she was missing just as much as he was. Once he was close enough to touch her, he leaned over her rubbing her shoulders and whispered in her ear, " Hey sexy, I've been missing you baby."

She laughed, "Have you now?"

Liam's eyes widened. His feet were glued to the floor. His heart raced faster than Danica Patrick at the Indy 500. He was stuck. And with a voice barely above a whisper he called out, "Gina?"

Removing her glasses, Gina looked at Liam with a gaze that could cut steel. She uncrossed her legs and twisted her body directly towards Liam. "Surprised?" she asked?

"I can't say that I'm not," Liam responded.

"Well I guess that makes two of us. You're surprised to see that I'm not Courtney and I was surprised to find out you were fucking her."

"Gina, let's talk about this about at home."

"Now why would I want to do that?" Gina countered. "We're just getting started," she said as she opened her bag and placed Courtney's phone on the table.

"Where is she and why do you have her phone?"

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Gina teased.

"Baby, whatever you've done we can fix it, but..."

"Whatever I'VE DONE," Gina yelled, drawing attention from others in the restaurant. "You cheat on me with my best friend and you're worried about what I've done! What about what you've done? What about what that bitch has done? You don't get to question to me after this little game you've been playing sir. But no more. This game ends today. It's my turn."

Liam had never been afraid of Gina, but he had no idea what she had done, or planned to do. The look in her eye was fury. The smug on her face said vengeance. And the words she spoke echoed revenge.

(To Be Continued)


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