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1 man + 1 woman = 2 ppl holding hands but not seeing eye to eye

Minus his attitude and subtract her stubbornness and we’re back to square 1

Yes one

Which is where we need to be for this love to fly free

Thinking as one

Acting as one

See only negatives occur when one becomes some

The sum of lies multiplied by the many times I have divided my legs

Only equal a fraction of how much I can hate u for loving me so recklessly

But I understand that love is one of 3 emotions

Love being the first & pain follows soon after

But the product of love & pain = anger

And your anger almost cancelled out all proportionality of me and you

But the problem in itself is “me and you” assumes 2

So lets take away the “you and me” and replace it with “we”

See although love & pain= anger, pain < anger and anger > love

Love supersedes all

The strong and the weak

The large and the small

So lets begin this equation again only this time lets add love to the given

So 1 man + 1 woman= 2 ppl seeing the same vision


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