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A Twisted Love (Sneak Peak)

Updated: Mar 25, 2018

“Listen Red…excuse me, Audrina, I don’t know what happened a couple weeks ago or what I did to upset you, but please know that I would never do anything to hurt you or make you feel uncomfortable in any way. I really do like you. And I never thought I would say that or admit that publicly, but I do. I would appreciate if we could start over."

Red was glued to floor. She couldn’t move. This was an encounter that she simply didn’t expect and was ill prepared for. And once again, she was caught in his element. He looked incredibly delicious standing in front of her. It appeared he had just done some running right before Red arrived, as he was wearing a black sleeveless fitted shirt and some black Nike tights that hugged every inch of his thighs and gave every muscle clear definition. His package was screaming, “open me” and Red wanted to answer its call, but she knew she had to restrain herself. She finally opened her mouth to speak.

“Quentin, you didn’t do anything wrong, it just should have never gone that far. I was totally out of line for leading you to believe that anything more than a friendship was possible. My focus is finishing school right now and acing my upcoming internship. I mean you understand, right.”

“All gravy,” Que replied in a very soft and sensual tone. But in reality, he wasn’t buying it. Red was going to be his no matter what she said or how she fought it. He wanted her. Even right then in that instant he wanted to grab her face and intensely lock his lips with hers. The amount of energy it was taking him not to rip all her clothes off in the moment was almost becoming unbearable. She looked strikingly beautiful even in plain attire. She was still wearing her green Ralph Lauren polo shirt from the golf course, but had traded in the shorts and golf shoes for white skinny jeans with neutral colored 3-inch heeled sandals, one of which was still currently in her hand. The jeans accentuated her curves and Que couldn’t stop staring. He remembered seeing her squeal and shiver in his arms from his touches. It excited him.

Que so badly wanted to oblige by her wishes and back away. But once again, he lost control and in a moment of impulse, he grabbed her by her waist and pulled her close to him. He then placed one hand on each side of her face. It happened so suddenly that it caught Red off guard.

“What are you doing Que? I just said…”

Stopping her before she could even finish her sentence, Que looked directly at her with the most vulnerable look a man can give a woman and said, “Sexy Red, please forgive me…” Que closed his eyes and pulled her face in towards his, placing a passionate kiss on her lips.

As their tongues met, Red felt a tingling sensation run down her body. She grabbed Que’s hands with the goal of pulling them away, but couldn’t. She wanted this. She wanted Que. So, she decided to let go. She dropped her shoe and pulled Que closer, so close, she could feel the bulge of his manhood expanding. Que couldn’t hold back his intentions. He cupped the bottom of Red’s soft behind and lifted her around his waist. He placed her on top of the breakfast bar, moving his lips from her mouth, to her cheek, then to her neck.

Red could feel her body tensing as Que’s kisses moved from her neck to near her earlobe. He rubbed his hands across her back, and down to her butt, lifting her shirt over her head as to remove it. With her white push up bra exposed, her breast sat at attention, and Que proceeded to place his hands and his lips gently across the top of each of them.

He continued to kiss her deeply, while unloosening the buckle of her bra. Red became a prisoner of the moment. She closed her eyes, tilted her head back, and lost herself in the touches of Que, hoping the wetness in between her thighs wouldn’t seep through the white pants she was wearing. As the two continued to intertwine in foreplay, Red suddenly heard a door slam. Maybe he has a dog or something, Red assumed. But she had to be sure. Startled by the sound, she opened her eyes hoping to see if the noise had come from a small dog or cat. Instead, she found something much bigger standing in the kitchen doorway - her father.



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