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Updated: Mar 25, 2018

"Sometimes your curiosity gets the best of you. Then you have to ask, why are you even asking?" – Author Nicki C

A series of questions invade my brain, only the answers have strayed from my mind They could be hiding in plain sight. Blinding me because they shine so bright Not understanding why the champion does not place or why the cruelest soul come with the most handsome face? Why the fattest ass in the smallest shorts lie in your bed but class and true womanhood doesnt even turn your head? Why do I care as much when I never cared before? or better yet, why am I writing about it? Why do I still get butterflies in your presence? And why do I want to be lathered in your essence? Why do your lips leak words that your actions do not obey yet I still hope? Hopelessly devoted like Sandy, and like Danny you let my hope die So why am I still asking myself why?

Why do I use my finger muscles to text you, only to know they’ll be no response? Waiting for a ringtone I know I’ll never hear, So unclear why this treatment I’m subjected or how within months I was nexted, just knowing somehow the bus stopped for me and I was the only one asked to exit

Why did you have to show me what I’ve been missing? Without even speaking, my body listens. Too attentive to your movement, and nothing soothes this. Seeing you only irritates the scar; adding fuel to the fire Burning up the plate of my desire. And it just keeps burning

Why do I have to go above & beyond for your attention? And in the end, I’m not even honorable mention? Just last I understand it’s not much history to our past, but nonetheless it’s a past we do share. And everyday you make it clear a future is not there

Why is it so hard to let you go, when the truth is I never really had you? Stuck to a dream like glue, or pre-school paste Wondering how so much time I could waste. Time I took out to lavish and live in this lie, and why am I wasting time now by wondering why…


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